Book of Ruth – Meditation


Book of Ruth – Meditation


Like Ruth and Orpah, our commitment to God is often tested. Usually prior promotion the Lord allows certain tests to come our way. How we respond in times of testing determines whether or not we’ll be promoted. For Orpah, her conviction to follow Naomi was not strong. With much persuasion she turned back and did not continue to Judah. If she had followed Naomi to Judah in this state of doubt, she would have easily returned to Moab in the face of trials. I think Naomi deliberately took Ruth and Orpah out of the city of Moab on to the road to Judah so they could understand the implication of whatever decision they made. Naomi’s question could have been posed to test who was fully committed to returning to Judah with her. The question was not just to test allegiance but except one is truly convinced or committed to a cause, failure is inevitable. Orpah may have proceeded to Judah with Naomi, but she was not likely to succeed like Ruth did.


Ruth on the other hand was totally committed to Naomi and her God. This placed her where the Lord could use and bless her. There were challenges of relocating, settling and interacting with members of a strange land but her unwavering faith/ commitment/ devotion to Naomi and her God kept her.


The Bible says to hold on to the profession of our faith without wavering and even in trying times. Count it all joy when you pass through diverse temptations. These trials are often to test the integrity of your faith to prepare you for success in the land (or position) the Lord is calling you to occupy. Trying times are opportunities to reaffirm one’s commitment to God – not just for what you stand to gain but even if it will mean loss. But no one ever suffers loss who takes his stand in the Lord.


  • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did not die(burn) even though they were prepared to die.

  • Queen Esther did not perish even though going before the King uninvited could cost her life

  • Joseph seemed to have missed a chance to obtain freedom by not lying with Potiphar’s wife, because he feared God. He, however, was ushered into a more honorable position.

  • Daniel and his friends gave up their chance of enjoying sumptuous meals because they wanted to obey God in a strange land by not defiling themselves with the King’s meat. They, however, became notable princes in this foreign land.


Take your stand for the Lord, reaffirm your commitment to Him and He will take it from there ushering you to heights and joys you could never have known.

Ruth, like many patriarchs of old prospered in a foreign land because they were totally committed to God and His cause for their lives.


Ruth’s fear of God, humility, selflessness, diligence and obedience are virtues to be coveted in order to prosper in the next level the Lord is taking you.

The Lord will perfect that which concerns you as you commit to Him and His ways.

Commit your ways to Him and your plans will succeed.